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100% linen cotton soft  high quality t-shirts

100% linen cotton soft high quality t-shirts

 Summer linen short sleeve O-NECK breathable 100% linen cotton soft  high quality t-shirts.

  • Fabric Care


    1, Ok. to dry cleaning , hand and machine  wash but  dry cleaning is best at 30-50 degrees Celsius .

    2, Set detergent  function to  neutral. 

    3, Hand washing: do not rinse too hard. Allow to  dry naturally. 

    4, At 80% + dry,  ironing at high temperature, give a much smoother result.

    5, Machine washing; remember to use anti-wrinkle function. 

    6, When not so busy,stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place. 

    Also need to be cleaned  before storage, to avoid mold. 

    7, If moldy, soaked in oxygen-containing detergent for a while, clean and dry naturally. 

    8, Cedar wood wardrobe. 


  • Sizing

    Use a tape measure just be sure  and then refer to  chart guide and order accordingly.

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