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The Traditional Wedding Outfit " Not as we know it"

Are you going to get hitched with your soul mate this wedding season? Congratulation! But do you aim to organize a lavish wedding day for your friends and family? Are you confused about the wedding theme, i.e., either you consider a traditional wedding or a modern wedding? If all these questions pop into your mind, then calm down because this post might help you plan for the wedding day.

Doing research when looking on what outfit to wear on your wedding day means also finding out what the newest wedding trend.

An insight into the weddings between the 5th and the 15th century or if you like the middle periods, weddings were not just the union between two people in love but one typified by politics among the nobility, between two countries, businesses or families.

The traditional weddings, were only the privilege of the nobility and that of the higher of the society whose brides adorn in exclusive fabrics reflecting the bride’s social status and that of her family. The underclass, on the other hand, who could not be as lavish or extravagant, wore simple dresses with a light lunch or dinner within the house. The wedding is mostly held in the religious theme that includes a priest's presence, reading of the bible, and the classical wedding vows. The church bells, the priest, and the white dress still defines traditional wedding.

Style Trends

Although today the younger generation has their ideas about marriage. But most of them still love the old classic formal wears at their special day. So to some extent, it could be said that the traditional wedding style never dies so to speak.

However 2022 is bringing a myriad of new traditions and style trends to the wedding seasons. There is more beautiful amalgamation of traditional and modern wedding styles. Some of the styles are borrowed from the yesteryears while some others are entirely new.

The first recorded use of the white wedding dress can be traced back to Philippa of England

and Eric Pomerania in 1406, in which she wore a knee length tunic with a cloak in white silk rimmed with squirrel and ermine.

In 1559 saw Mary -Queen of Scott adorned a white wedding dress when she married to Francis-The Dauphin of France, because it was her preferred colour, despite that white was the favoured colour of mourning French Queens. This choice of white at this period did not set a trend. Before the Victorian era, black was popular in Scandinavia and brides can also wear any colour of their choice.

The trend towards white dress did not take off until after the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840.

At this period, colour made from heavy silk satin were the preferred choice for brides but at the marriage with Albert Saxe-Coburg, she wore a white gown and thus setting a new trend which subsequently became the choice for many brides at the period.

However, the drive to adaption did not stop in 1840. Wedding dress continue to adapt to the styles of the day. In the 1900s, the styling moved to adding, frills and laces and the style were incorporated to wedding dresses .In the 1920s, they were short in the front with a longer trail at the back and where worn with Cloche-style wedding veils. This tendency to trends continued until the late 1960 when it became favoured to return to the suggestive long full skirted designs of the Victorian era.

Currently, white wedding is still the preferred choice which comes in various shades as, white, ivory, greyish yellow, off white. Its, assumed that the colour white, is a symbol of virginity which was however not the aim of the colour. That said white is not generally preferred colour.

In country like Mexico, the preferred colour is red.

The most preferred designs incorporate a zipper back or lace-up backs, sleeveless and without straps.


Where did the concept of bridesmaids come from? Lately, the bridal attendants were considered the bodyguards dressed alike to confuse evil spirits on the newlyweds.

Today, couple theme their wedding and rally around their dearest friends as the bridesmaids to support them on a special day. The bride maids choose dresses according to the brides' dress.

Suits trends

Of course, when all the eyes are gazing at the beautiful bride, the groom also deserves attention. So the groom's dressing style is also important. In the early Victoria era, the classic morning suit, navy or mulberry frock coats of bridegrooms were in fashion.

They are prestigious and the required etiquette for weddings and other formal occasions. Morning suit with grosgrain lapels, matching black waistcoat with a then-fashionable Tail Jacket , top hat, formal gloves, contrasting-top Oxford shoes with punching across the toe cap, boldly striped long tie, striped shirt with contrasting white turn-down collar and cuffs, and stripped formal trousers. The characteristic angle of the cutaway front of the jacket is clearly visible, as is the waist seam.

However men's wedding choice is not immune to fashion trends sometimes referred to as the new formal. The new formal tends to go for the office suits with matching contrasting waistcoat and coordinated accessories. Some opt for a simple neutral outfit in form of Tuxedos, sports jacket and a chino trouser looking extraordinarily sharp.

Today, generally, in both format the groom still dictates the sartorial tone. The quest may wear whatever outfit that has been chosen for them. In some cases, outfits compliments the groom and in some case sharply contrasting with the groomsmen.

Types of shoes

While your wedding day is coming near and you want to be worry-free to deal with your angry feet. It would help if you looked for the perfect types of shoes that don't ruin your special day and enhance your looks.

Bridal footwear

Besides the wedding dress, the relationship of the footwear with the woman can not be denied because shoes are the best thing in the apparel that brings magic to both brides and bridegrooms' personality. In the past, numerous brides select white boots (Queens' style) for their wedding. The classic bridal footwear like sparkly silver stilettos, lace heels, and beady pumps uplift the beauty of wedding dress, traditionally.

Nowadays, brides don't need to follow a specific trend. Depending upon the location and other circumstances, the spunky and modern brides make smarter choices. They prefer to wear wedges, flats or sandals at the wedding. Some more playful brides make the chic choice of sneakers. So the bridal shoes have shifted to comfy and simple trends.

Note: despite all the simplicity, the floral design high heel shoes look more romantic and elegant on bridals.

Men footwear

The traditional wedding boots signifies the royalty, romance, and rebelliousness of the groom. However, gone are the days when black, brown, and beige were considered men's colours. Now men are experimenting with their looks, and they opt for unique footwear for their wedding. The market is packed with the latest

footwear trends that are a beautiful fusion of old traditions and new styles. Wearing genuine leather boots or shoes still provide a versatile look.

If you plan a destination wedding at a beach, then loafers are much better than dress shoes.

Keep the pants higher while wearing oxford shoes. The matched glitter shoes also speak the personality of the groom.


At the wedding, every minor accessory counts a lot. Just like the whole attire and footwear needs brainstorming, so do the accessories as well.


One of the biggest things for a bridal about her wedding day is to choose super classy accessories. The jewellery or accessories either make or break her outfit. In the 19th century, the jewellery sets such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and brooch were only limited to the upper class. The elite of the society wears such extravagantly embellished necklace or jewellery just to showcase their wealth.

The hairpins and other expensive hair ornaments were an important part of the woman's lifestyle. Additionally, the fashionable women frequently wore cross pendants or lockets. However, in the late 19th century, showcasing gemstones became an integral part of the enchanting beauty of ladies.

Like the past, in 2020, we are switching towards thick jewellery. The gigantic stones of different cut shapes, heavy-duty chains, and extra-large bracelets are trending. So this wedding season, the jewellers are ready to charm your personality with bright coloured stones and outclass necklaces.

Men's Neckwear

Neckwear's and accessories totally upgrades the grooms 'and the groom men outfit and looks. The choice of neck wear will depend on the theme.

For instance, the black self-tied or pretied bowtie will complements well with the navy or black tuxedo and enhances the decent and classy look.

The traditional bowtie was butterfly-shaped. Perfect fabric, wider and droopier design looks great on grooms. The straight bow tie or batwing bow tie is a short version of the butterfly bow tie, and it's perfect for the short heightened grooms.

Some other modern and traditional neckwear includes

· The wedding neckties that pop you out of the box on the marriage day.

· The wedding bow tie is a combination of modern and classic styles.

· For the casual or informal style, the skinny ties are the best option.

. Plaid and Tartan wedding ties for the forest-themed weddings

· Novelty wedding ties are more likely to be worn in reception.

Trendy Tie colors

Lately, most couples match their outfit to complement each other. But sometimes, missing out on the theme and choosing the black or white neck ties looks super classy. If you want to add the hue of colours, then the different shades of red, blue, pink, purple, coral, sage, forest green and golden are forever in style.

The Final thoughts

For the bride, the first thing that enters your mind is the white gown lavished with embellishments. A true blue fashionista will call this attire timeless and classic wear, but, in reality, the western fashion industry has undergone many changes and embraced new styles to give a different and modern look to brides and grooms.

For the groom, the predominant choice is not clear cut. Many still prefer the traditional classic style.

A lot of weddings are being cancelled or postponed recently, due to the stay-at-home situation. Many people have picked up new skills over 2021, and have learned to live without retail off the peg options to customizations.

Current wedding trends are always evolving and emerging and this season is no different. One of the new trend is individuality. Many couples are un coding the traditional wedding standards and making their rules.

Wedding trends are always changing and it is fun to see where they are going next. We watch 2022/2023 wedding trends unfolds and decodes the new normal.

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